About our Club

The Antique Radio Collectors and Historians of Greater St. Louis (A.R.C.H.) is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to the collection, restoration, and enjoyment of vintage radio technologies. Overall, members' interests are diverse and range from crystal sets to the more modern transistor technologies of the 60's and 70's. Many members also collect antique televisions, telephones, telegraph instruments, microphones, and more!

Through monthly meetings, newsletters, this web site, and organized social events we hope to preserve the heritage and history of all types of antique radios. This usually means sharing information about our collections and teaching each other skills to restore old radios. Club events include our monthly meeting (2nd Tuesday of every month), swap meets, auctions, workshops, radio parties, picnics, and (best of all) show and tell.

A.R.C.H. began as kitchen table gathering on October 13th, 1992, at the home of Charles and Gloria Judemann. Seven people attended the meeting to discuss the formation of a St. Louis-based radio club. Enthusiasm ran high and it was decided to meet monthly. St. Louis seemed ready for a club. Eleven people attended the November meeting, and the December holiday gala attracted eighteen! In January 1993, the meeting was moved to the Kirkwood library, and Charles was elected the first President. By May 1993 A.R.C.H. membership was large enough to necessitate incorporating the club. Today A.R.C.H. has almost 200 members coming from all over the Missouri and Southern Illinois region.

If you are curious about antique radios and would like to find out more, we encourage you to stop by our monthly meeting or any of our club events!

Guests are always welcome!